COVID-19 Response Needs a Proven Solution

By Dan Verton  /  April 2, 2020
April 2, 2020 It has been truly inspiring to watch how America’s great companies, captains of industry, and entrepreneurs have risen to the challenge of helping our government respond to...
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Mental Health Resilience During The Pandemic

By Dan Verton  /  April 1, 2020
April 1, 2020 LiveSafe has always supported and enabled the anonymous reporting of mental health concerns for our corporate and education client communities. And we are proud to have played...
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Prevention Podcast: Season 3, Ep. 5 — Risk Management Leadership During The Coronavirus Emergency

By Dan Verton  /  March 17, 2020
The uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has organizations searching for answers about their duty of care obligations when it comes to travel and their travel risk management programs. To...
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Coronavirus & Tough Decisions

By Dan Verton  /  March 16, 2020
Risk management leadership demands more than following policies and procedures, and relying on data for decision making. Risk management leadership also requires the ability to make unpopular, difficult decisions in...
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Prevention Podcast: Season 3, Ep. 4 — The Coronavirus and Travel Risk Management

By Dan Verton  /  February 28, 2020
The uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has organizations searching for answers about their duty of care obligations when it comes to travel and their travel risk management programs. To...
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LiveSafe Insights Poised to Disrupt The Safety App Market

By Dan Verton  /  February 21, 2020
Feb. 21, 2020 The LiveSafe Platform is about to get smarter — a lot smarter. This year, we will be releasing LiveSafe Insights, the industry's first artificial intelligence and natural...
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Coronavirus Outbreak Underscores Need To Review Travel Risk Management Capabilities

By Dan Verton  /  January 30, 2020
The Coronavirus outbreak has underscored the urgent need for businesses and schools with international programs to review their travel risk management policies, procedures, and safety communications capabilities.Read more ›
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Las Vegas Mall Shooting Demonstrates LiveSafe’s Full Potential

By Dan Verton  /  January 28, 2020
The Fashion Mall shooting provides an important case study in the broader application of the LiveSafe platform. While the ultimate goal of LiveSafe is to surface early-warning insights that can...
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Secret Service Study Urges Schools to Adopt Prevention and Reporting Strategies to Stop School Shootings

By Dan Verton  /  November 7, 2019
The study by the National Threat Assessment Center is part of the second phase of the Safe Schools Initiative and is based on 41 incidents of “targeted school violence” that...
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Uncovering the Link between Domestic Violence and the Workplace

By LiveSafe Staff  /  November 5, 2019
In light of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Jo Ann Ugolini, Senior Director for Threat and Violence Risk Management at Hillard Heintze, discussed the importance of companies incorporating domestic...
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The Global Mental Health Epidemic and What It Means For The Future of Workplace Safety and Security

By Dan Verton  /  October 30, 2019
October 30, 2019 When the World Economic Forum, in partnership with Marsh & McLennan Cos. and Zurich Insurance Group, released its global survey of business leaders earlier this year, the media...
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Should We Change How We Teach Run, Hide, Fight?

By Dan Verton  /  September 16, 2019
September 16, 2019 The Federal government’s guidance for active shooter response – Run, Hide, Fight – has been the de facto national standard since it’s introduction in the aftermath of...
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New Secret Service Study on Mass Attacks Emphasizes Prevention

By Dan Verton  /  July 11, 2019
A new report released this week by the U.S. Secret Service concludes that the key to stopping mass attacks at businesses, schools, places of worship, healthcare facilities and government agencies...
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New Spike In Suicide Rates Seen Among Adolescents And Young Adults

By LiveSafe Staff  /  June 27, 2019
A new study by Harvard Medical School reveals that the suicide rate among young people in the U.S. has spiked in recent years and has experts worried. The study, recently...
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Understanding The Risk of Embezzlement — What You Don’t Know May Surprise You

By Dan Verton  /  January 9, 2019
The risks posed by employee theft are larger than most companies realize. Understanding how to identify the signs of embezzlement can help you develop an effective risk mitigation strategy to...
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