About LiveSafe

Based in Arlington, Virginia, LiveSafe is the leading risk intelligence communications platform that enables two-way communications between employees and an organization’s security department and other risk management entities. By leveraging LiveSafe’s anonymous reporting capabilities, as well as its data-driven analytics engine, companies, educational institutions and government agencies can get ahead of emerging threats and prevent serious safety or security incidents.

The LiveSafe Solution has protected more than two million people across hundreds of universities and Fortune 1,000 organizations. Today, we are actively providing safety, security and risk intelligence to world-renowned universities, Fortune 500 media, financial services, healthcare and technology companies, commercial real estate powerhouses, malls, hospitals, stadiums, arenas, professional sports teams/leagues, government agencies and more.

From workplace violence and malfeasance to workplace injury, unauthorized persons, sexual harassment, insider threats and more — the LiveSafe Mobile App gives members of a business or campus community the ability to surface actionable early warning insights that could help risk managers prevent the incident from occurring. LiveSafe innovates to systematically remove the barriers people traditionally encounter when coming forward with information — including the ability to invoke anonymity.

The LiveSafe Solution also puts an enterprise-class safety communications platform in place, connecting employees and community members to the teams that are protecting them. Furthermore, it gives every member of the community a rich set of tools to manage their personal safety in everyday situations and higher risk ones.