LiveSafe Command Dashboard

The LiveSafe Command and Communications Dashboard delivers real-time visibility into safety and security insights sourced from the community. It is the gateway to a robust set of tools to communicate with employees and students. It also gives organizations quick, clean access to their analytics to drive continual tuning of their security and risk profile.

The LiveSafe Dashboard is the interface that security personnel use to access the backend features of LiveSafe. While the tips are generated by users via the LiveSafe App, the dashboard gives customers the ability to receive tips, interact with users, and administer other powerful features of LiveSafe.

The LiveSafe Dashboard is cloud-based, which means that customers can access it from anywhere in the world with internet access and computer, laptop, or a tablet device (e.g., iPad).

Built-in Logic: The LiveSafe Command and Communications Dashboard allows businesses to harvest actionable security intelligence and communicate with employees/students, both expansively and exactly.

Mass Notifications: Clients have access to a clean, shareable, and integrated view into vital employee/student insights, without compromising employee privacy.

Comprehensive Analytics: It delivers data and analytics to inform the ongoing tuning of the system. It requires no additional hardware or headcount to deploy.