LiveSafe: Reducing Risk For The Global Enterprise

Prevention is not a new concept. But scalable, enterprise-wide risk mitigation tools that are specifically designed and built to optimize for the human element to drive prevention are.

Businesses have spent considerable resources aimed at managing risk for workplace incidents of all sorts and sizes – including safety, security, sexual harassment, corporate malfeasance, and more. Yet companies continue to spend billions of dollars weekly on the costs associated with incidents of all categories. These costs, which can materially impact the financial well-being of a business, continue to skyrocket.

The infrastructure powering the LiveSafe Solution has the flexibility to support the mitigation of a broad range of business risks, while integrating seamlessly with the safety and security investments that companies have already made. It is capable and compliant, maintaining the highest standards of excellence both in terms of performance and availability, as well as privacy and system integrity compliance.

Flexible Deployment

  • The Enterprise Structures feature delivers the ability to create multiple organizations in a LiveSafe Solution deployment. Within each organization, up to five levels of nested groupings can be accommodated, aligning to unique organizational structures, workflows, and business processes. Employees/students can be organized by department, location, and other attributes. The Enterprise Structures feature has the flexibility to be easily re-configured to adapt to the organizational changes that are a natural part of the business and academic cycle.
  • The LiveSafe Solution also has the flexibility to stand up distinct implementations for disparate stakeholders that are important to the business (e.g. partners, vendors, alumni, contractors, visitors, etc.). It delivers custom risk categories, resources, and in-app branding options that allow for contextually relevant experiences

Seamless Integration

  • Businesses have invested heavily in protecting the integrity of their enterprise systems, their assets, and their people. If these solutions are expressed as tightly woven fabric, the complexity associated with introducing a new set of threads is an easily recognizable problem.
  • The LiveSafe Solution does not require businesses to abandon their current security investments to benefit from the next layer of innovation. Your employees are already embedded in the fabric of your company. The LiveSafe Solution easily and seamlessly integrates with your existing IT environment, with no incremental hardware or headcount investment, and enables your people to report potential safety and security risks.

Capabilities and Compliance

  • The LiveSafe Platform has been through IT infrastructure reviews and tests with private-sector companies and public-sector agencies that have the highest standards around security, redundancy, performance, availability, and more. The LiveSafe Solution is securely, reliably, and scalably hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Businesses with tens of thousands of global employees use the LiveSafe Platform for rapid-fire communications during critical incidents, creating spikes in usage and demands on the system. The LiveSafe Platform is scalable, with geographically disparate, redundant failover systems in place.
  • All employee Personal Information is encrypted, including row-level data: first name, last name, phone number, and email address. The database itself is then also encrypted. All communications going through the LiveSafe Platform employ industry-standard encryption protocols (HTTPS/TLS). The LiveSafe Platform utilizes AWS’s Key Management Service (KMS) to create and control the encryption keys used to access the data.
  • The LiveSafe Platform is fully Systems and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) compliant. LiveSafe voluntarily conducts an independent third-party monthly audit to ensure ongoing and deliberate focus on the Platform security, availability, and privacy compliance aspects of the system. The LiveSafe Platform has been prominently positioned in several customers’ successful SAFETY Act applications.
  • The LiveSafe Platform is actively and to the best of its ability working to provide services to its customers that are in line with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). LiveSafe strives to be in compliance with handling Personal Information under applicable data protection laws and does not handle sensitive Personal Information. The LiveSafe end-user mobile experience is opt-in and opt-out for end-users, as is the option of allowing access to location services. Focused attention is ongoing to ensure a smooth transition to being GDPR-ready insofar as legally required.