Higher Education & K-12

The LiveSafe Solution is a mobile two-way safety communications platform and risk mitigation tool. It provides campus community members the ability to share information about emerging safety and security risks before they escalate into emergencies.

LiveSafe provides an immediate path to communicating prevention information on a broad spectrum of potential risks, from day-to-day safety hazards and facility repairs to serious threats, such as theft, suicidal ideation, active assailants and more.

And it delivers peer-to-peer and self-service resources to ensure that school emergency procedures are always available at the push of a button on your mobile device — with or without an internet connection.

Surfacing Actionable Risk Intelligence

Prescriptive Guidance removes the traditional barrier of “Is this the kind of thing I should report?”

Intelligent Routing takes away the complexity of navigating “Whom should I tell?” The Power of Anonymity allows students/faculty/staff to do the right thing, solving for “I don’t want to get involved.”

Peer-to-Peer & Self Service Safety Tools

The Safety Map feature layers of relevant security and logistical information onto a map.  Police stations, fire departments, and hospitals are automatically included. Additional important locations, such as blue light stations, AEDs, storm shelters, parking garages, and more, can be added to keep your community informed.

Resources makes safety and security materials accessible even when there is no network connectivity.

SafeWalk™ is a peer-to-peer virtual walk-along service that lets you reach your destination safely.  Individuals can set up to 3 personal contacts who will be alerted if there is an emergency or the destination is not reached in time, or who can even virtually watch them via a digital breadcrumb trail.  Contacts can participate even if they do not have the LiveSafe app, and will only ever be notified if the SafeWalk initiator chooses to do so, or encounters an emergency. No information is ever transmitted to the organization unless an emergency is initiated.  Once the SafeWalk feature is concluded, location sharing ends.

Engaging your Community: SMS, Email, & Push Send

Broadcast Message enables your organization to communicate with all members about safety awareness, drills, events, and emergencies.  Messaging can be customized with groups to reach specific subsets of the population (e.g. faculty, study abroad, greek life, residence hall).

Broadcast Message layers another level of precision, pushing only to people physically in a specific place within a given time window.

Broadcast Messaging with Check-In introduces the prompt asking the student/faculty/staff member to take action by checking in. It can be sent with the aid of groups, geofences, or time window, and enables quick status updates alongside drills or in the event of an emergency.

Managing Community-Sourced Risk Intelligence

Submitted insights can include multi-media (photos, video, audio) and include details around date/time stamp and location (if the user has enabled location sharing).  These help individuals to more effectively communicate risks, and enable a more thorough response.

Insights can be securely forward to a trusted partner or published to the Safety Map.

A full audit trail is available within admin-level views identifying steps taken in response to the tip, ensuring that organizations can most effectively respond and serve their community.