LiveSafe Integrations

Extend Reach, Increase Engagement, Streamline Workflows

The LiveSafe platform can be easily and seamlessly integrated with the investments that clients have already made in mobile applications, emergency notification, business continuity, HR and active directory, and incident and risk management systems, with no incremental hardware or headcount investment. Platform integrations are a force multiplier and enabler for extending user reach, streamlining data transmission, and simplifying workflows for operators and other security personnel.

LiveSafe Mobile SDK

Enable safety where your people are.

  • Report tips directly from any mobile app, no need to download LiveSafe
  • Increase engagement by extending feature accessibility
  • Vastly extend your reach by leveraging existing app adoption
  • Anyone can receive push notification broadcast messages
  • Location details submitted, share location during emergencies
  • Two-way chat with security to share additional intel
  • Users can always send tips anonymously

LiveSafe Workday Connector

Industry leading partner and solution.

  • Automatically imports and syncs contact information from Workday HCM
  • Instantly establishes full workforce coverage for security teams 
  • Employees do not have to download LiveSafe app to receive broadcasts
  • Automated attribute-based routing of users to their community
  • Workday Certified Solution as a standardized turn key integration
  • Quick and easy setup, no custom development required

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Connect the dots in real-time.

  • Automatically transmit reported tips to any internal applications
  • LiveSafe-sourced intelligence plugs into existing systems and workflows
  • Minimize context switching and decrease response times
  • Supports PSIM, CAD, and incident management systems, among others
  • Success story: SureView Immix and Brookfield Properties

User Management Solutions

Reach your entire community.

  • Automated integrations with identity management, AD and HR systems
  • Users immediately eligible to receive broadcast SMS and emails
  • Broadcast messages can reach users who have not downloaded LiveSafe
  • Auto-subscribe users to their relevant communities
  • Sync contact information on a daily basis, adds and removes members
  • Supports SCIM 2.0 and CSV batch file via Secure FTP

RSS Feed

Messaging redundancy when it matters most.

  • Ingest and transmit rich content through RSS feeds
  • Enables integration with ENS, business continuity, digital signage
  • Deliver notifications to LiveSafe app users via external RSS feeds
  • Bidirectional messaging redundancy, ensure everyone is in the know