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Top 5 Safety Risks Facing Stadiums and Arenas

By Alexandra Brunjes  /  April 13, 2021
With thousands of employees and millions of patrons each year, modern stadiums, arenas, and convention centers encounter a variety of safety and security threats. Here, we outline the five most...
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Mitigating Active Assailant Threats with Risk Intelligence

By Alexandra Brunjes  /  April 7, 2021
Active shooter incidents are a low-risk, high-cost threat facing every organization. Risk intelligence platforms are a valuable prevention tool.
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Introducing LiveSafe Alert

By Alexandra Brunjes  /  March 31, 2021
LiveSafe Alert is an ENS purpose-built for security professionals and other authorities to engage and empower their workforces and build safer, more informed communities.
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5 Ways to Use an ENS to Protect Your Organization

By Alexandra Brunjes  /  March 26, 2021
Emergency notification systems (ENSs) are a valuable component of effective prevention and preparedness strategies. ENS platforms enable organizations to keep their employees informed before, during, and after crises and can...
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