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Crowdsourced Intelligence and The High-Tech Malicious Insider

By Dan Verton  /  September 15, 2020
September is #InsiderThreatAwarenessMonth. And while the risk category of insider threat encompasses a wide range of actors, motivations, and actions, I want to focus our attention this month on the...
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Prevention Podcast: Top 11 COVID-19 Risk Management Shows

By Dan Verton  /  August 31, 2020
In this Season 3 finale, the Prevention Podcast offers a one-stop shop of the best 11 COVID-19 shows for both enterprise and higher education institutions.
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LiveSafe App Plays Key Role in VCU Police Reform Efforts

By Dan Verton  /  August 25, 2020
The Virginia Commonwealth University Police Department announced this week that it has recorded the lowest number of officer-involved use-of-force incidents in the past 10 years. Officials credited new policies, training,...
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Florida Schools Have More Than a Health Crisis to Worry About. They’re Also Struggling With A Flawed School Safety App.

By Dan Verton  /  August 12, 2020
Where did the FortifyFL App go wrong? Reopening schools during a global health crisis comes with its own set of challenges. But on top of that, school officials shouldn't have...
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