LiveSafe Products

LiveSafe Mobile App

The LiveSafe Mobile App for iOS and Android devices gives your employees and students a means to surface information across a broad range of risk categories — anonymously if desired.

LiveSafe Command Dashboard

The LiveSafe Command and Communications Dashboard delivers real-time visibility into safety and security insights sourced from an organization’s employees or student body.

LiveSafe Insights

Powered by AI, LiveSafe Insights analyzes all aspects of your LiveSafe deployment and constructs a unique risk profile to surface actionable, early warning indicators.

LiveSafe Connect

LiveSafe Connect is a collaboration platform that enables security leaders to create and manage circles of trust with hand-selected peers and groups to share insights, increase situational awareness, and mitigate risks in real time.

LiveSafe Integrations

The LiveSafe Platformcan be easily and seamlessly integrated with the investments that clients have already made in user management, safety, security, and travel, with no incremental hardware or headcount investment.

LiveSafe Mobile SDK

Embed essential functions of the LiveSafe Platform into existing iOS or Android third-party apps, seamlessly connecting your people to help without them having to download multiple apps.

LiveSafe Alert

LiveSafe Alert is an emergency notification and mass communications platform built to make it easy for organizations to communicate with their employees to build a safer, more informed workplace.