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5 Ways to Use an ENS to Protect Your Organization

Emergency notification systems (ENSs) are a valuable component of effective prevention and preparedness strategies. ENS platforms enable organizations to keep their employees informed before, during,

Addressing Gender-Based Violence in the Workplace

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a prevalent human rights violation that affects both men and women. This April, observe Sexual Assault Awareness Month by taking measures to address GBV in your organization.

Top 5 Features of an Effective ENS Platform

Emergency notification system (ENS) platforms are an important component of workplace emergency management. Modern mass notification systems help community members stay informed, prevent crisis escalation,

What is an Emergency Notification System (ENS)?

In a crisis, communication is key. Deploying an emergency notification system (ENS) is a quick, reliable, and effective way to prevent incident escalation and maintain community safety.

Community-Sourced Risk Intelligence: Its Role and Value at Work

The goal of this white paper is to present the knowledge and insights of a wide variety of subject matter experts to enterprise security and risk management leaders and C-suite executives throughout the industry. It also aims to demonstrate the importance of community-sourced risk reporting for maintaining a safe and healthy organization.

Hearst: Better Business and Security Outcomes Via LiveSafe

In a very contentious political atmosphere where it was impossible to know in advance where security issues would arise, Hearst needed a means to anticipate security situations that could potentially impact deadlines for reporting and logistical operations for broadcast media coverage (which in turn could impact ratings and breaking media coverage), as well as communicate situations to broadcast team members.

Las Vegas Mall Shooting Demonstrates LiveSafe’s Full Potential

The Fashion Mall shooting provides an important case study in the broader application of the LiveSafe platform. While the ultimate goal of LiveSafe is to surface early-warning insights that can help security personnel detect and prevent incidents from occurring, in cases like this, when there is no warning, LiveSafe’s powerful two-way communications, broadcast alerts, and geo-fencing features provide critical mass communications capabilities that can help prevent further injuries or greater loss of life.