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Commitment to Safety: Boys & Girls Clubs and LiveSafe

Since its founding over 160 years ago, the safety and protection of young people has been the bedrock of the Boys & Girls Club Movement. This mission is realized every day for the four million young people served annually by Boys & Girls Clubs across the country. LiveSafe shares this commitment to safety and is dedicated to helping organizations like the Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA) mitigate risks and prevent security incidents. LiveSafe’s primary focus is to use risk intelligence technology to empower people to make their communities safer places to work, play, learn, and live. That’s why Boys & Girls Clubs of America is pleased to partner with LiveSafe and to offer their platform to Club members. This partnership is an exciting opportunity to further BGCA’s commitment to ensuring the safety and protection of the young people, professionals, and volunteers in Clubs across the Movement.

What is LiveSafe?

Based in Tampa, Florida, LiveSafe is the leading risk intelligence platform that enables two-way communications between users and an organization’s leadership. By leveraging LiveSafe’s anonymous reporting capabilities and data-driven analytics engine, organizations like BGCA can get ahead of emerging threats and prevent serious safety or security incidents. LiveSafe can support your Club’s safety initiatives and prevention efforts by enhancing your day-to-day approach to security. From changing weather conditions or commonplace safety hazards at Clubs to serious threats such as child sexual abuse or misconduct, suicidal ideation, or bullying, LiveSafe provides a secure platform for Club users to report suspicious activity or safety incidents directly to leadership or emergency operations teams.  Using a rapid, intuitive risk communication platform enables Club leadership to stay informed and respond quickly so that Club members and professional staff remain safe, happy, and healthy. With LiveSafe, your Club can address emerging threats before they escalate. If you would like to learn more about the LiveSafe platform or to share information about LiveSafe with others, click here to download the Boys and Girls Club Solution Brief.

How Does it Work?

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The LiveSafe platform comprises two key elements: the Mobile App and the Command Dashboard. The Mobile App enables users to report suspicious activity and security incidents, contact emergency officials, and receive broadcast messages. The app also includes built-in functionality such as the Safety Map, SafeWalk, and customizable Resources. The Command Dashboard is accessible to authorized Club leaders via a web browser. User-submitted tips are collected in the Command Dashboard, allowing authorized Club leadership to identify and respond to early warning insights. The two-way chat feature allows the dashboard operator to chat with the user who submitted the tip in real-time.  With the Broadcast feature, Club leadership can send broadcast messages to users quickly and effectively. The Command Dashboard is cloud-based, which means that authorized Club leaders can access it from anywhere in the world so long as they have internet access and a computer, laptop, or tablet (e.g., iPad). If you are interested in learning about the technology that makes up the LiveSafe Platform, click here.

How Do I Know I Can Trust LiveSafe?

LiveSafe is committed to protecting your organization and information. We have invested significantly into the security of the LiveSafe Mobile Platform and have received the highest level of accreditation awarded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security: The SAFETY Act Designation and Certification. We are also SOC 2 Type 2 Certified, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant, and protected by multi-level Advanced Encryption. Check out our certifications here. The LiveSafe platform is used by hospitals, shopping malls, financial institutions, stadiums, Fortune 100 Corporations, professional sports organizations, global trade shows, and community events. Today, more than 170 colleges, universities, and K-12 school districts rely on LiveSafe to prevent safety and security incidents and keep their communities connected and informed. More importantly, BGCA trusts LiveSafe. After piloting the LiveSafe mobile platform across 37 Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide several years ago, the results convinced BGCA leadership to offer the platform Movement-wide.

Is LiveSafe Hard To Use?

No! The LiveSafe Mobile Platform is intuitive and user-friendly. If you can operate a smartphone and a browser, you will be comfortable using LiveSafe. Most LiveSafe features only require a tap or two, but if you find yourself confused, we have helpful how-to videos detailing specific features, such as geo-fencing. We also have a searchable Knowledge Base that has articles and FAQs addressing common questions. If you still need help, our support staff is one click away and ready to answer your questions.

How Would My Club Use LiveSafe Day to Day?

We have found that customers see the most benefit when they use the platform to complement daily operations. For example, if your Club is returning from an outing and experiences a delay, such as traffic or inclement weather, you can quickly and easily send a broadcast message to LiveSafe users so that parents and professional staff are aware of your status. When training your Club members on how to stay safe, you can encourage them to “say something” using the LiveSafe app. People often find it easier to share information via text or an app rather than in person, particularly when they have the option to remain anonymous. This complements your safety protocols and enhances your ability to gain actionable insight; the better your reporting process, the more information you will gather. Easy, anonymous tip submit functionality makes users feel comfortable reporting potential safety and security concerns without worrying about potential repercussions. LiveSafe also has a special broadcast feature called “Check-in.” This allows you to send a broadcast message that prompts users to check in with you to affirm they are safe. Check-in is most commonly used during safety drills as a roll call method. In the case of a lost child, Check-in may help you locate them quickly and foster coordination with your professional staff. The SafeWalk feature allows users to virtually accompany family and friends to their destinations by monitoring their location on a map. SafeWalk is one of our most popular features because it allows people to feel secure knowing someone they trust is keeping track of them. For example, a child can use SafeWalk on their way home from school so that their parent or guardian can oversee their walk and make sure they arrive safely. You can also use the broadcast feature to remind users of upcoming events, meeting locations, schedule changes, etc. Using the LiveSafe platform in normal day-to-day activities establishes a regular dialogue and builds awareness and trust so that when you need the users to submit important information, they are comfortable with LiveSafe.

How Much Will This Cost?

Boys & Girls Clubs of America has pre-negotiated a special annual subscription price of $400 per year for your Club. Our standard price for similar services is closer to $5,000. This subscription includes one mobile application, one mobile command dashboard, unlimited broadcast messages, unlimited tips, unlimited users, tailored tip types designed for Boys & Girls Clubs, SafeWalk, a resources section, access to the Knowledge Base, how-to videos and online support. Enhancements pushed out to the platform, such as software updates, are included in the price.

How Do I Get Started?

Now that you’ve decided to use LiveSafe, the next step is to purchase a subscription. When you click below to begin the purchase process, you will be directed to a page to add the LiveSafe subscription to your Shopping Cart. At the checkout you will:
  1. Input your organizational information
  2. Select a payment method
  3. Review and accept the terms and conditions of the subscription agreement. Section 9.10 (Publicity) does not apply.
  4. Place your order
You will then receive a verification email notifying you that the transaction is complete. Once we receive payment, we will begin the setup process. As we work on your order, you will receive an email from our support team with a link to an online form. This form will ask for information that will be used to configure your subscription. Once you complete the form, we will finalize your configuration process and then send you an email with a link to your ready-to-use LiveSafe subscription. If you want to learn more about LiveSafe, click here to request a demo. If you are ready to purchase, click below.

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