With LiveSafe, your organization will build employee-sourced risk management capabilities focused on preventing safety and security incidents, and mitigating financial, reputation, and compliance costs.

Mobile App

Employee-sourced risk information improves decision making and mitigates liability.


Dashboard & Analytics

Data-driven trends and reports to inform business, workforce, and security policies and decisions.


Actionable Insight

Secure, two-way risk reporting and communication tool at the touch of your fingertips.



Learn more about how leading Fortune 1,000 enterprises are using LiveSafe to keep their employees safe and reduce the likelihood of costly safety and security incidents.

“LiveSafe empowers people to become part of the solution by being attentive, by having situation awareness, and not being afraid to report something to the right people.”

– Client Director of Security



More than 170 colleges, universities, and K-12 school districts rely on LiveSafe to prevent safety and security incidents to keep their communities connected and informed.

“Partnering with LiveSafe has been a game-changing initiative for campus safety. We are able to do more to get ahead of incidents: preventing thefts, assaults, and even getting students home safely with the tap of a button.”

– Client Chief of Public Safety



Federal, state and local safety, security and risk managers face unique challenges. LiveSafe has played a role in all of these environments.

“LiveSafe is the ultimate sensor. It’s a digital capability tied with boots on the ground, and the eyes, and ears, and experiences of employees.”

– Governor Tom Ridge,
First Secretary of the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security


Access additional LiveSafe resources to continue to build your knowledge and situational awareness of the risks your organization may face.



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The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have been reaching out to universities across the country in an effort

White Paper

White Paper

Destination Risk

New technology-based approaches to travel risk intelligence and communications are changing the travel risk management equation away from incident response to actionable insights that can prevent travelers from being caught in dangerous or emergency situations.

Case Study

Case Study

Healthcare Client: LiveSafe Enables Employee Reporting of Safety & Security Risks

A major healthcare client has leveraged LiveSafe to improve employee engagement in daily safety and security monitoring.