There were many signs

...if someone had been able to put a few of them together, maybe someone could have intervened.

Watch the Video: First U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Former Governor Tom Ridge, on Powering Prevention


Business, Campus, and Community Safety

Powered by You

The LiveSafe Solution is a mobile two-way safety communications platform and risk mitigation tool used by businesses and universities. It is designed specifically to light up dormant human sensors to help manage risk to the campus, capital, earnings, and people, and drive prevention of costly incidents. It gives companies and universities an immediate path to communicating safety information to constituencies. And it delivers peer-to-peer and self-service tools to help everyone in the community stay safe, in everyday and high risk scenarios.

LiveSafe Core Pillars

These three pillars are supported by an Enterprise-Class Infrastructure that has the flexibility to support the mitigation of a broad range of risks, while integrating seamlessly with the safety and security investments that organizations have already made. It is capable and compliant, maintaining the highest standards of excellence both in terms of performance and availability, as well as privacy and systems integrity compliance.


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