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Protect yourself and your family.
Get safety information from your neighbors.
Create a stronger community.


  • Report tips anonymously   
  • Receive safety alerts   
  • See local crimes   

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Arizona State University
Georgetown University
University of Cincinnati
West Virginia University
University of Delaware
Virginia Tech


"The value in the LiveSafe app for a student is having the ability to directly contact the police department for absolutely anything they need, not just emergencies. We can only address the problems and issues we’re aware of."
     - Chief John Venuti, VCU Police

"I find LiveSafe a powerful solution in three important ways: 1) it’s a Deterrent for bad behaviors, 2) is a Preventative tool to stop a crime or tragedy from occurring 3) enables first responders to React faster, smarter and more effectively through improved situational awareness.”
- Lt. General Dick Newton, U.S. Air Force

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