In everyone’s hands.

Value of LiveSafe

Used by both enterprise and higher education institutes, LiveSafe’s enterprise-class mobile safety communications platform is backed by a team with safety in their DNA.

The platform is comprised of a robust, cloud-based Command Dashboard and a user-friendly, customizable mobile application(s). The system provides valuable insight and oversight – and most importantly builds trust by breaking down barriers to communication between individuals and safety and security professionals.

See something, say something,

The concept of “see something, say something” is a familiar one – we see it written across the walls of public transportation, on corporate and education campuses, and as a constant reminder of its necessity in the news. With LiveSafe, you have the tool to actually do something – from sharing information on concerning behavior to reporting safety hazards to your organization.

We deliver two-way, real-time interactions that include location-tagged text, calls, photos, and videos; scalable mass notification; relevant safety resources; and peer-to-peer safety tools like SafeWalk™.

Mobilize individuals
to contribute to safety and security.

Inform your community with relevant geo-targeted broadcast messages via text, push notification, or email.

Connect people to the help
they need by responding to requests for assistance via real-time, two-way chat or calls.

Announcement: Sneak Peek of SafeWalk 2.0

After months of research, user testing, and collecting feedback provided by our clients and their communities, LiveSafe has improved SafeWalk in several significant ways. Watch this video to get a quick preview of the new features.