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LiveSafe technology empowers effective safety-related communication via a campus safety app linked to a cloud-based command dashboard. The goal is for individuals to share information with friends and safety officials about sexual assault, mental health issues, and violence — preventing incidents before they occur.

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Student recommendations on reducing sexual assault

As part of Sexual Assault Awareness month, LiveSafe invited five students leaders to discuss ways to reduce the risk of sexual assault and what institutions can do from their perspective to foster a change in campus culture.

During this 30-minute discussion, students share their voice and perspective. They:

  • Painted a clear picture of current challenges faced by students and survivors.
  • Provided recommendations for change.
  • Articulated how school administrators can better serve students to help reduce the risk of sexual assault and be supportive of survivors.

Watch the 30-min Discussion

LiveSafe Solution for Campuses

LiveSafe is a new safety technology that combines a campus safety app for students with a cloud-based Command Dashboard for safety officials. It facilitates discreet and risk-free bystander intervention by community members through information sharing with campus safety officials. Through iPhone and Android devices, people can report location-tagged information with added pictures, video, and audio clips. Safety officials are able to respond to incidents via a Command Dashboard using a real-time two-way chat, or investigate further using the information submitted to officials.

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A Sample of LiveSafe Partners

We are proud to partner with leading institutions from across the world as they work to make their communities safer. From Washington DC to California, New Hampshire to Texas, we endeavor to find like-minded organizations ready to make the world a safer place.

Currently being used by institutions across 23 states, including Arizona State University, Georgetown University, and Virginia Tech, we are experienced serving diverse communities with unique needs.

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