Why You Should Download LiveSafe

We All Have a Role to Play

Safety and security risks are everywhere — at our places of work, schools, sporting events, concerts, shopping malls, government buildings and even hospitals. However, the security personnel tasked with protecting us can’t be everywhere at all times and often don’t have the information they need to prevent a potential incident.

As members of our communities, we know what normal looks like. We know when something appears dangerous, when a person is acting suspicious, or when a friend or colleague is in crisis. We see, hear and learn things every day that could help prevent a safety or security incident from happening. In fact, according to the U.S. Secret Service 79 percent of incidents involve early-warning insights that are observable and can help prevent those incidents from happening.

That’s why it’s important for each of us to become engaged members of our communities and to share information about things that don’t look or feel right. The right tip at the right time could prevent the next workplace injury, theft of intellectual property, sexual assault or even the next active shooter incident.

The LiveSafe App & You

At LiveSafe, we know that there are four main questions that concerned community members have when it comes to sharing information about potential safety and security risks:

  1. What should I share?
  2. How do I share it?
  3. Can I remain anonymous?
  4. What do you do with my location data?

We designed the LiveSafe App to eliminate these questions and take the guesswork and fear out of sharing safety and security concerns.

What Should I Share?

Thankfully, reporting safety and security concerns is not a regular occurrence. But when it is necessary, you’ll need to rely upon your own knowledge of what is normal for your community or surroundings and have access to a mobile App that is not only easy to use, but makes it easy to share the right information with the right people. LiveSafe does our best to guide users through that experience through a best-in-class mobile application.

We configure the App to match incident types that your specific community or workplace is likely to experience. Our aim is to provide timely, confident reports of risks that, if left unaddressed, could put lives at risk or harm your organization.

The following is a small sampling of the types of risks our App users have reported:

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How Do I Share Information?

In clear, emergency situations, getting help is obvious — dial 911. But what do you do in the ambiguous space “before 911?” For example, what are your options when you see a suspicious person, observe concerning behavior by a coworker, notice a maintenance issue that could lead to an injury, or suspect someone may be stealing from the company? Short of a building being on fire, many users are unsure when to come forward with information or ask for help.

Most safety apps provide tone deaf answers to security issues (ie. a big red ‘panic’ button when the worst happens or a bomb graphic when you suspect explosives). But such approaches ignore the realities of personal safety — scenarios are often ambiguous and threats can be hard to decipher under stress. The LiveSafe App, however, combines astute data science and human-centered design to better understand the types of incidents a user is likely to encounter and guide them through the reporting process.

Traditional methods of reporting safety and security concerns — toll-free phone numbers, email, or web forms — have also been a barrier to enabling community engagement. These methods are hard to remember, time-consuming and often lack privacy and anonymity protections. As a mobile app, LiveSafe is always with you on your Android or iOS smartphone.

The app is pre-configured to automatically route your tips (complete with photo, video and location data) to the correct office or location. And emergency services, like 911, are available at the touch of a button regardless of where you are in the world. In addition, the use of a mobile app on your phone is a discreet way to communicate with safety and security personnel.

Can I Remain Anonymous?

At LiveSafe, we understand that anonymity and privacy are important to everyone. That’s why they are not just neat features, they are fundamental design elements of the entire LiveSafe Platform.

All LiveSafe app users have the option to remain anonymous when reporting safety or security concerns, and even when chatting in real-time with security personnel.

By enabling Location Services on your mobile device, your location is shared with safety and security officials ONLY when you submit a tip or invoke emergency services, like Call 911. Location tracking is also part of our SafeWalk / SafeDrive feature, which allows you to request up to three of your contacts to virtually escort you to ensure you get to your intended destination safely. The app user has complete control over when to enable location sharing, which is done through the mobile phone settings.

What Do You Do With My Location Data?

LiveSafe DOES NOT:

  • Automatically turn on location services if it is turned off on your device.
  • Store past user locations other than for emergency services and SafeWalk.
  • Send user locations with Broadcast Check-in responses if location services is turned off.
  • Share your location with the organization/company outside of a safety or security incident.
  • Track your indoor positioning without organization/company hardware.

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