Sources & Methods: Enterprise Edition

Community reporting of observed potential risks is the cornerstone of any safety and security risk management program. Reporting of early-warning threat indicators makes our workplaces safer and plays a vital role in helping companies meet their Duty of Care obligations.

Unfortunately, the thinking of many safety and security professionals remains mired in post-incident emergency response — right of boom. Companies spend millions of dollars to harden their facilities with automatic locking doors, security cameras, fencing, high-tech emergency communications systems, massive architectural design changes, gunshot detection systems, and many other physical safety and security protections. None of these things have done enough to stem the tide of costly incidents.

Today, LiveSafe is releasing Sources & Methods: Enterprise Edition — The Role and Value of Community-Sourced Intelligence In Safety and Security Risk Management, to help safety and security risk managers across all industries plan for, develop, execute, and maintain community-sourced risk intelligence programs that contribute significantly to the prevention of costly safety and security incidents.

Based on 18 months of research and first-hand interviews with dozens of chief security officers, chief risk officers, and a wide array of subject matter experts from across eight different industries, this guide is a first-of-its kind effort to help safety and security professionals shift the balance of power away from the $300 billion a year spent on reacting and responding to incidents to developing actionable intelligence that can help prevent these incidents from occurring in the first place.

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