Be Prepared for Inclement Weather this Winter

It’s that time of year again! Winter weather storm warnings and advisories are on the news; school cancelations or delays are likely. Don’t fret – LiveSafe is here to help your campus community stay safe during inclement winter weather. Snow, ice, wintry mixes – all of these can pose a threat to your community, from slip and falls on icy sidewalks to dangerous commutes to and from campus. 

Use this toolkit to provide your community tips for staying safe during inclement weather.



5 Ways to Use LiveSafe During Inclement Weather Handout

helps you understand all the ways you can use LiveSafe during bad winter weather 

Share this handout with LiveSafe Administrators or Operators to maximize your use of LiveSafe during inclement winter weather

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Sample Broadcast Messages

enable you to stay connected with students and faculty through quick, easy communications

Tailor the sample messages or create your own to keep your community informed and safe during winter weather

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Social Media Templates 

are great ways to easily reach students with targeted safety messages

Post messages on Facebook and Twitter that share how LiveSafe can help students and faculty stay safe during inclement winter weather

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Tips to Protect your Campus with LiveSafe 

  1. Send a LiveSafe broadcast message to notify students and faculty about any school closures, delays, or safety advisories.
  2. Emphasize that while campus may be closed or classes may be canceled, LiveSafe is still working to keep them safe. Students and faculty can still report incidents or concerns via the mobile application.
  3. Use geofencing to provide targeted messages to different groups of your community – from students who live on campus to commuting students and faculty.