As your partners in safety, LiveSafe is here to support your efforts to keep your people safe. Use this month’s Outreach Toolkit to encourage employees and personnel to download the LiveSafe app for quick access to travel information (such as road closures and parking lot locations) and emergency help during corporate gatherings, off-site meetings, or local events, such as parades or festivals.


LiveSafe’s toolkits offer customizable and out-of-the-box materials that help support your outreach efforts. In this month’s toolkit, you’ll find tools you can use to educate your employees on how to report incidents or respond to a check-in prompt via the LiveSafe app. 

Incident Reporting How-To Video
Show this 2-minute video to educate your employees on how to submit incident reports through the LiveSafe app. 
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Check-In How-To Guide
Use this guide to instruct employees on how to use the LiveSafe app to respond to a security-prompted roll call.
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Sending out Broadcast Messages serves as a reminder to your organization that LiveSafe is a valuable tool. Use the broadcast feature to communicate important, non-emergency reminders to ensure events run smoothly.

Utilizing Geofence Broadcasts to target a certain location or building, such as a street block, hotel lobby, or meeting hall, especially with a dynamic broadcast window, is a helpful way to reach your intended audience in the right place, at the right time.

The Name of Event is today near insert office location. Note traffic and parking will be impacted on A street and B parking lot. If you see any disturbances or suspicious activity, please report them using the LiveSafe app.

Name of Event Day is here! Please meet at Location at insert  time. Check in with “I’m Okay” when at your Assembly Point.



Regularly using the LiveSafe app to issue non-emergency notifications gives staff and employees practice with interacting with the tool so they can become familiar with the app’s functionality. Use the platform to send out information on luncheon locations, meeting times, and special in-office activities.