Understanding Suspicious Activity

Suspicious activity can be a gray area for some people – they may see something that looks strange and concerns them but they ignore it because they aren’t sure or don’t want to cause any trouble. Suspicious activity can be defined as behavior or activity outside of the norm that may indicate a crime or security incident may occur in the future. As members of our own communities, we know what is normal and what is not. The LiveSafe Mobile App allows users to report concerns of suspicious behavior to the right people who can respond quickly and appropriately. 

Use this Monthly Toolkit to help your enterprise better understand what suspicious activity looks like so they can report it when they see it.



Reporting Suspicious Activity Video discusses how to report something suspicious on the LiveSafe Mobile App Share this how-to video on your company website to build awareness around this LiveSafe capability and instruct your workforce how to use it 

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Suspicious Activity Examples provide realistic examples of suspicious activity that will resonate with your workforce  Share examples of suspicious activity to your workforce via email or a company newsletter and encourage employees and staff to report anything similar on the LiveSafe App

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Report Suspicious Activity Infographic presents what suspicious activity is, different examples, and how LiveSafe can be used to report such incidentsShare the infographic during new employee onboarding or distribute the infographic via regular email communications to build awareness in your workforce

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Tips to Protect your Employees with LiveSafe

  1.   Emphasize anonymity with reporting suspicious behavior if there are concerns for personal safety or possible repercussions.
  2. Empower users to report suspicious activity and other types of security incidents to protect their community by educating them about what suspicious activity or other tip types look like. 
  3. Send broadcast messages reminding employees and staff to report concerns of suspicious activity during large events such as conferences or more risky times of the year such as holidays.