Support Your Traveling Employees with the Tap of a Button

As your partners in safety, LiveSafe is here to support your efforts to keep your employees safe — both at the office and when they travel offsite. 

When staff is away from the safe confines of your facilities, whether for a business meeting or personal travel, help them feel safe in an unfamiliar place. This month’s Outreach Toolkit features an emergency contact card and traveling tips you can distribute to your staff to help them stay connected when traveling for work-related tasks or scheduled time off.


LiveSafe’s toolkits offer customizable and out-of-the-box materials that help support your outreach efforts. Below you’ll find links to materials that point travelers in the right direction for getting help and reporting emergencies.

Company Digital I.C.E. Card 
Instructions direct users to the right LiveSafe functionality for reporting, depending on their level of emergency. Travelers download this emergency contact card to their mobile phones.
Download I.C.E. Card Template

Slides for Digital Displays
Slides provide descriptions for all LiveSafe features that can be used for getting help while traveling, as well as travel-planning safety tips and ways to access general travel resources. Display slides on your company televisions or digital bulletin boards.
Download Slide Templates

Tips for Configuration

LiveSafe’s “Resources” section provides quick access to both emergency and non-emergency contact information. Materials in this section are dispensed in a variety of file formats, including PDFs, text and HTML files, URLs, images, and even through interactive capabilities, such as plotting geographic locations on the app’s Safety Map.

The good news is that this information is stored locally on the user’s device, so even if your employees don’t have cell service or WiFi available, they still have access to this important content when they need it most. 

Contact your Account Manager to learn more about how your organization can support your traveling employees by providing them with resources directly in the LiveSafe app.

Tips for Engagement

While resources in this month’s Outreach Toolkit can be shared with your employees at any point during the year, it is especially important to distribute them before scheduled travels or holiday breaks. Other pre-travel tips include:

  1. Work with each department to host “safety sessions” with employees who travel or are in the field frequently. Distribute the digital I.C.E. cards as reference material to help prep for their time away from the office. 
  2. Urge all departments across your organization to post additional information on their websites about the available tools for staying safe as it pertains to their company role.