Promoting Emotional Well-Being During the End of the Spring Semester

As your partners in safety, LiveSafe is here to support your efforts to keep your people safe. The last few weeks of the academic year can surface feelings of stress, conflicting priorities, and even depression. Use this month’s Outreach Toolkit to provide your community tips for coping with the tensions that often accompany the end of the academic year, final exams, move-out and graduation.


LiveSafe’s toolkits offer customizable and out-of-the-box materials that help support your outreach efforts. In this month’s toolkit, you’ll find tools that remind your campus community to look out for themselves and others during times of stress.

Stress Management
Digital Signage

Display these tips on digital displays throughout your building(s).
Digital Signage Template

LiveSafe Overview
Email Template

Have your Communications team send a mass email out to your population.
HTML Email Assets



Sending out Broadcast Messages is an effective way to connect with members of your organization. Since the last few weeks of the spring semester can increase levels of stress, we encourage you to reach out to your student population, faculty and staff with information about coping with trying times and helping others who are facing the same challenge.

Below are sample messages that demonstrate how to point your community toward resources that can help them address stress-related concerns. These include Tip Reporting, SafeWalk, and (if your organization provides it) the Resources section of the LiveSafe app.

“The end of the spring semester can be stressful. Remember to connect to help — for yourself or a friend/colleague — through the LiveSafe app. Send a tip to get help or check out Resources to learn more about options.”“Feeling stressed or overwhelmed with final exams and projects? It’s okay to take a break. Walk outside and use LiveSafe’s SafeWalk feature to have a contact virtually accompany you.”



Toward the end of the semester, place the “5 Ways to Reduce End-of-Semester Stress” Digital Signage on TV screens and other monitors that are front and center. Areas to display the signage include Student Centers and Common Areas, Dining Halls, Libraries, Study Areas, Recreation Centers, and even Health Centers. 

Using screens in locations with high foot traffic will help keep the benefits of LiveSafe top of mind for your students. This will remind your students to use the app during periods of high stress and access resources for campus-provided mental health services should they need to reach out for assistance.