Managing the Risks of Workplace Violence and Harassment

Workplace violence and harassment is a serious issue for most U.S. workplaces. According to Injury Facts, in 2017, workplace assaults led to 18,400 injuries and 458 deaths. More often than not, people do not report incidents of workplace violence or harassment to their company. The LiveSafe Mobile Platform can help manage the risks of workplace violence and harassment in your enterprise and promote safety and security for all people.

Use this Toolkit to provide your community tips for staying safe and being informed of some of the signs and consequences of workplace violence and harassment.


Workplace Violence and Harassment Infographic provides an overview of the different types and possible warning signs of violence and harassment in the workplace.

Include this Infographic in training materials and hang up copies in the office kitchen or breakroom. Consider adding your company’s specific security or HR contact information to the bottom.

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LiveSafe Thought Leadership discusses the risks of workplace violence and harassment that enterprises may face.

Listen to the podcasts –  OSHA Rules on Workplace Violence, Is Workplace Violence a Growing Threat?, or the Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit and discuss how these key issues may look like in your enterprise and how you will protect your employees.

Social Media Templates are great ways to easily reach employees with targeted messages to build awareness around risks of workplace harassment and violence.

Print posters in the break room or kitchen, or share via email, that show how LiveSafe can help employees reduce the risk of violence or harassment while at work.

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Tips to Protect your Community with LiveSafe

  1. Emphasize anonymity with reporting workplace violence and harassment issues and encourage people to report incidents through the LiveSafe App. Anonymous really does mean anonymous.
  2. Include workplace violence and harassment policy documents and how to report guides in the “Resources” section of the LiveSafe Mobile App to ensure anyone can access these important resources at any time. 
  3. Establish a zero-tolerance policy for workplace harassment and violence. Hold at least an annual training with your workforce to educate them about the risks of violence and harassment in the workplace and controls your company has in place to protect its employees.