Incorporate LiveSafe Into Your Drills and Exercises

As your partners in safety, LiveSafe is here to support your efforts to keep your people safe. Use this month’s Outreach Toolkit to incorporate the LiveSafe platform into your recurring drills and exercises. Drills and exercises are necessary to hone emergency response procedures in a non-emergency environment. LiveSafe’s functionality can help; learn how below. 


In this month’s toolkit, you’ll find one customizable tool and one out-of-the-box tool to help integrate LiveSafe into your drills and exercises training program: a step-by-step guide to integrate LiveSafe functionality into the planning and execution of your exercises and drills and another to use as an outreach piece to educate your people on how to use the Check-in feature.

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Drill + LiveSafe Punch List
Review this punch list to see how LiveSafe can be integrated into your drills and exercises training program.
Download Drill Punch List

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“How To Use” Check-in Tutorial
Share this guide with your people before a drill so they understand how to use the LiveSafe Check-in feature.
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Sample Broadcast or Check-in

Sending out Broadcast Messages reminds your organization that LiveSafe is a valuable tool. Use the outbound communications below to better incorporate LiveSafe into your drills and exercises: one to announce the drill and the other as a part of the drill itself.

Broadcast one week before drill:

Our quarterly evacuation drill is scheduled for [insert date], between [start time] and [end time]. During that time, we’ll send a LiveSafe Check-in message, as we would in a real situation requiring evacuation.

Check-in at time of evacuation drill:

*This is a TEST* Evacuate [insert building name] immediately. Check in with “I’m Okay” when at your Assembly Point. Respond with “I Need Help” if assistance from Emergency Personnel is required. Send an Emergency Message via the LiveSafe app with more info about your situation.


Tips for Engagement

Drills and exercises are a great way for your team to better prepare for emergencies. While emergency response follow-through is typically the responsibility of your security team and other partners within your organization, finding creative ways to incorporate your people can help build a resilient population. Here are a few ideas to engage your people in your drills and exercises training program.

  1. Leverage a nationally known preparedness event (like the Great ShakeOut or National Preparedness Month in September). 
  2. Before a drill or exercise is conducted, send out an email to your population with this Check-in tutorial to help educate your people on what is expected of them.
  3. Try to get members of your population to volunteer as “extras” for full-scale functional exercises.
  4. Use new employee orientation to educate new employees on how your organization uses LiveSafe for drills and what will be expected of them.