Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Preparedness

LiveSafe is here to help everyone in light of the rapidly spreading Coronavirus (Covid-19) to make our communities a safer place to work, learn, and live for all. While this is a concerning and uncertain time, there are things that we can do to manage the risks to our communities and try to keep our community safe.



Reporting Suspicious Activity Video discusses how to report something suspicious on the LiveSafe Mobile App Share this how-to video on social media to build awareness around this LiveSafe capability and instruct your community how to do it

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Suspicious Activity Examples provide realistic examples of suspicious activity that will resonate with your community  Discuss examples of suspicious activity on social media and encourage students and faculty to report anything similar on the LiveSafe App

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Report Suspicious Activity Infographic

presents what suspicious activity is, different examples, and how LiveSafe can be used to report such incidents

Share the infographic during Welcome Week and distribute the infographic on social media or other student communication channels to build awareness in your community

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Tips to Protect your Community with LiveSafe 

  1. Emphasize anonymity with reporting suspicious behavior if there are concerns for personal safety or possible repercussions.
  2. Empower users to report suspicious activity and other types of security incidents to protect their community by educating them about what suspicious activity or other tip types look like. 
  3. Send broadcast messages reminding students to report concerns of suspicious activity during large events, i.e. sports games, social events, holidays, etc.