Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global pandemic. Universities and schools are ending study abroad programs and starting to cancel in-person courses and move to virtual instruction. Some schools in the hardest hit areas are closing altogether. This is all in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 and its risk to communities. 

At LiveSafe, we believe in the power of prevention and people. In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, we are offering a free, limited version of our industry-leading safety and communications platform called LiveSafe COVID-19 Safety Resources App. This special offering can help your organization communicate quickly and efficiently with your community and keep them safe.

This LiveSafe Toolkit includes resources to help your organization quickly integrate LiveSafe COVID-19 Safety Resources App into your security processes. The LiveSafe COVID-19 Safety Resources App can help you manage the risk of COVID-19 to your community and make your community a safer place to work, learn, and live.



LiveSafe COVID-19 Safety Resources App Download Guide explains how to download the free LiveSafe COVID-19 Safety Resources App to your smartphone.Share this how-to guide with your community on social media or email to teach them how to download the app.

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LiveSafe COVID-19 Safety Resources App Overview provides information on the new LiveSafe App developed specifically to help organizations manage the risks of COVID-19.Distribute this overview information to your community on social media and email communications to educate them on how to use the LiveSafe COVID-19 Safety Resources App. 

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LiveSafe Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources Page provides news, information and resources about how the LiveSafe Platform can help your organization keep its organization safe from COVID-19.Review the LiveSafe COVID-19 Resources Page to understand what resources are available to help prepare your community for COVID-19 and keep them informed.

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Protect your Community with LiveSafe

  1. Notify all students, faculty, staff, and parents about downloading and using the LiveSafe COVID-19 Safety Resources App as soon as it is ready for distribution.
  2. Distribute the COVID-19 Safety Resources App Download Guide and Overview Resources to your community using your organization’s preferred communication channel (email, social media, SMS, etc.) and upload the resources to your school or university website. 
  3. Send broadcast messages to your community to keep everyone informed about the rapidly changing COVID-19. You can find sample COVID-19 broadcast messages here.