Be Prepared to Weather the Storm!

Hurricanes and tropical storms pose risks under normal circumstances. COVID-19 only adds to the challenge. Dangerous rain, hail, and high winds are common during these weather events and can threaten the safety and security of your employees, buildings, and business operations. LiveSafe is here to help your enterprise community effectively communicate and manage the risks of hurricanes and tropical storms.

Use this toolkit to help your workforce and workplace weather the storm and stay safe during hurricane and tropical storm season.



6 Ways to Use LiveSafe During Hurricanes and Tropical Storms Handout helps you understand all the ways your organization can use LiveSafe during hurricane season.Share this handout with LiveSafe Administrators or Operators so they are prepared to use LiveSafe during dangerous weather to keep their community safe.

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LiveSafe’s Geofence Overview provides answers to several frequently asked questions regarding the creation and use of geofences to send location-specific messages. Read up on LiveSafe’s Geofence capability. Geofences enable your organization to send messages to specific areas – a critical capability during weather emergencies. 

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How To Send a Geofenced Broadcast Message video demonstrates how a Dashboard Administrator can send a broadcast message to a predefined geographical area, such as a certain office location. Share this video with Dashboard Administrators to ensure all staff know how to send broadcast messages to geofenced areas to keep people informed and safe during normal circumstances and instances of severe weather. 

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“Can COVID-19 Serve As A Catalyst For Change In Hurricane Preparedness?” Prevention Podcast discusses how organizations can use COVID-19 as a reason to evaluate current hurricane preparedness plans to save lives in future disasters. Listen to the Podcast to learn about how your enterprise organization can evaluate current hurricane and tropical storm preparedness plans and evacuation strategies for possible improvements to better protect your workforce and workplace.

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  1. Send a LiveSafe broadcast message to notify employees and staff about any office closures, delays, or safety advisories due to the hurricane or tropical storm. Remember you can send broadcast messages via the LiveSafe app, text message, or email.
  2. Emphasize that while the office may be closed or business operations may be impacted, LiveSafe is still working to keep your community safe. Employees and staff can Report Incidents, use the Safety Map and SafeWalk, and access important company resources via the LiveSafe Mobile App.
  3. Use geofencing to provide targeted messages to different groups of your enterprise based on geography. If you have offices, employees, or operations across different locations, geofencing will allow you to reach users from a specific location.
  4. Evaluate current hurricane and tropical storm planning and evacuation strategies to determine if any updates are necessary to protect your organization and workforce in light of COVID-19 and its impacts on your business operations and work arrangements. Update any hurricane and tropical storm planning and evacuation information in the “Resources” section of the LiveSafe Mobile App.