Global Implementation Services

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Global Implementation Services

Implementation Experts


The LiveSafe Global Implementation Services Team’s differentiator is its people, the tools they use, and their culture of accountability.



The People

Work begins with a consultative-driven kick-off rooted in understanding the business priorities of the client. An implementation plan is architected, dialed to the specific needs and the organizational structure of the client. Multiple instances of the Command and Communications Dashboard are typically implemented. Each is tuned to the risk and safety issues that different stakeholders are managing. The Global Implementation Services Team takes responsibility for ensuring the deployment mirrors and fully supports appropriate protocols that the client has in place to address a wide range of business risk and issues.



The Tools

One of the most powerful tools is the proprietary Client Health Index Program (CHIP), which assesses the level of optimization of the LiveSafe deployment. CHIP uses three live data streams:

  • Security Operations Center driven activity (e.g. Broadcast Messaging)
  • User driven activity (e.g. risk insight reporting)
  • Employees-at-large driven activity (e.g. use of the SafeWalk feature)

CHIP evaluates the client’s deployment against goals informed by proprietary algorithms, and benchmarks against companies in the same sector, normalized for size. The Global Implementation Services Team uses CHIP to create client-specific analytics with histograms, scattergrams, and activity-over-time insights.

The Global Implementation Services Team consults with employee communications and HR onboarding organizations to fuel success in the company-wide roll-out, and to bring new employees into the fold as they join. As an active stakeholder throughout the lifecycle, LiveSafe GIST regularly delivers “just-add-branding” materials and tools that help drive downloads and engagement.

The Global Implementation Services Team also produces a regular cadence of in-person and virtual events and newsletters. These are directed specifically to the business risk managers and share best practices, templates, and immediately implementable resources to support clients in achieving fully optimized deployments.



The Accountability

Clients receive an assigned LiveSafe GIST consultant, who has direct accountability for the success of the client’s implementation. This consultant is empowered to mobilize the internal LiveSafe technical and business resources necessary to unlock the full potential of the LiveSafe Solution for a client.


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