The LiveSafe Command and Communications Dashboard

for Risk and
Safety Managers

Command and
Communications Dashboard

for Risk and
Safety Managers


Easy-to-Access Command and Control

The LiveSafe Command and Communications Dashboard delivers real-time visibility into safety and security insights sourced from the community. It is the gateway to a robust set of tools to communicate with employees/students. It also gives organizations quick, clean access to their analytics to drive continual tuning of their security and risk profile.


The Gateway to a Robust Set of Employee/Student Communications Tools

Built-in logic

Built-in Logic

The LiveSafe Command and Communications Dashboard allows businesses to harvest actionable security intelligence and communicate with employees/students, both expansively and exactly.

Broadcast messaging

Mass Notifications

Clients have access to a clean, shareable, and integrated view into vital employee/student insights, without compromising employee privacy.

Comprehensive analytics

Comprehensive Analytics

It delivers data and analytics to inform the ongoing tuning of the system. It requires no additional hardware or headcount to deploy.


The Command and Communications Dashboard...

  • Process a tip, routed to multiple departments


    Helping organizations manage community-sourced insights, automating the business logic to securely route information surfaced by members of the community to the correct internal official, directly mapping to the processes and procedures that are already in place.

  • Mass notification


    That can send Broadcast Messages to all members of the community, or precise subset as filtered by group, job function, or any number of customizable attributes including the ability to geofence. Broadcast Messaging with Check-In allows individuals to confirm they’re OK. It’s used in everyday situations and higher risk scenarios from scheduled fire drills to critical transportation accidents or other incidents.

  • comprehensive analytics


    With powerful analytics. Data feeds include submission history, usage time, peak hours, and a host of other attributes. Analytics inform the continual tuning of the deployment. Audits of how specific incident types were historically handled can inform the evolution of continually improved business processes and protocols.


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