LiveSafe SDK

Our SDK enables you to embed LiveSafe mobile features into your existing iOS or Android app, seamlessly connecting your community and security team.


We utilize webhooks to connect dashboard data into your systems. For example, we can connect the dashboard to your case management system.

Directory Integration

To keep your user database up-to-date and synced with your dashboard and app communities, we support directory integration and can employ single sign-on.


Our customers utilize LiveSafe to help keep their global workforce safe. The Safety Map can help navigate unknown areas by highlighting key locations, customized to your organization. It also can be used to alert travelers to potentially dangerous areas.

SafeWalk, a peer-to-peer virtual escort tool, enables people to ask their contacts to follow them as they travel. As long as there is wireless or data connectivity, SafeWalk will work anywhere in the world.

When you have multiple people traveling into a market, you are able to use our geofencing technology to connect with them. In the event of an incident, our Check-In feature allows you to account for everyone in a matter of minutes with real-time prompts and subsequent analytics.


Indoor location positioning is vital information to enhance your prevention program. This burgeoning technology utilizes different methods and technologies to provide enterprises with the position of people and assets inside buildings.

Our GPS capabilities utilize the most advanced technologies to pinpoint your employees’ locations anywhere in the world. In support of these new technologies, LiveSafe is compatible with Low Energy Bluetooth (Beacons), GPS, WiFi and Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. We partner with leading vendors to support your choice of an Indoor Location System.

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When you have a large event requiring you to scale up security, customize resources, and dynamically update contact information, our Event is fast, flexible, and easy to deploy.

We are experienced at providing services for our clients at world famous events like the Olympic Games, Super Bowl, World Series, and national events like the Republican National and Democratic National conventions.

Learn more about LiveSafe’s event support


Our customer success team engages with you even before the contract is signed. With proven methodologies – to help define, configure, and deploy our services – we make sure we understand your needs and build a customized plan to exceed your expectations.

Planning & Configuration

Planning & Configuration

To best meet your needs, a dedicated member of the LiveSafe success team collaborates with your organization to configure the platform. Together, we will drive engagement to meet established key performance indicators (KPI).

& Testing

& Testing

We provide detailed training to prepare security teams to monitor and operate the LiveSafe platform. Additionally, we provide structure and best practices on testing the platform internally to re-enforce training and the established workflow.

& Support

& Support

In addition to best practices and customized marketing materials, LiveSafe provides check-ins, system updates, and reports to ensure maximum adoption within your organization. We also encourage feedback from your organization to help us improve our systems.


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