September 21, 2016

If you took an intro to psychology course in college, you’ve probably heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s a pyramid that dictates the basic human motivational needs that we’re all chasing. Once the first level is attained, we can go on to the second level and so forth. Here’s a look at the five levels:

1. Physiological (food, water, shelter, rest)

2. Safety (security, safety, health)

3. Love and Belonging (friendship, family, colleagues)

4. Esteem (self-respect and respect from others)

5. Self-Actualization (reaching one’s full potential)

At times, it’s easy for employers to take the first two levels for granted, but ignoring them can limit your staff’s potential in a major way. Compensation takes care of the first stage rather straightforwardly. However, when it comes to the second level – safety – what seems cut and dry, often isn’t. Don’t assume that just because your office is a comfortable 71 degrees and employees have to swipe a card to enter, that they feel safe. Issues like workplace violence, severe weather, maintenance issues, nearby businesses and others can severely challenge a person’s feeling of safety and security.

Safety first is an easy phrase to remember. On Maslow’s Hierarchy, it comes second, but still has to be achieved before a person can become a top employee. There’s more to finding and growing talent than just a paycheck. Invest in their safety, and you invest in their future with you.

Employees are people, too. And if they don’t feel safe, the team-building activities or corporate retreats you put on won’t have the impact you desire. Pats on the back or even awards will feel hollow to them if they are constantly worried about safety and security.

Before your staff can excel, realize their potential and become the best version of themselves, they have to feel safe and secure. To learn more about how LiveSafe can help keep employees safe, visit our site.

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