November 22, 2016

Advances in digital and mobile technology are changing the way companies look at safety and security. No longer do companies need to rely solely on antiquated methods like security cameras, telephone tip lines or a handful of security guards to protect their employees.

Deputizing your employees so they are the eyes and ears of your security team helps create a sense of community, allows employees to feel safer and creates a more productive work environment.

LiveSafe’s mobile safety communications platform creates that connection between employees and security teams, allowing employees to immediately send photos, videos, text and audio through the LiveSafe app.

But this is just one piece of the puzzle we call Unified Safety Communications (USC), which combines the crowdsourcing capabilities of social and mobile with tracking, reporting and integration features of enterprise-class support solutions.

By bringing together all of these capabilities in a single solution, organizations can proactively address safety issues, while effectively managing the tracking and escalation process.

To learn more about Unified Safety Communications and how smartphones and collaboration have redefined the standard of duty of care, download our latest white paper.

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