July 16, 2019


The National Risk Management Center (NRMC) is the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s planning, analysis, and collaboration center working to identify and address the most significant risks to our nation’s critical infrastructure.The NRMC provides a cross-cutting risk management approach across the federal government and private sector owners of the nation’s critical infrastructures. On this episode of the Prevention Podcast, we talk to Director Bob Kolasky about how the 150 members of the National Risk Management Center achieve their three primary objectives:

  • Identifying and prioritizing strategic risks to national critical functions;
  • Integrating government and industry activities on the development of risk management strategies; and
  • Synchronizing operational risk management activities across industry and government.

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Powering Prevention

Community-sourced intelligence that can shift an organization’s security posture from reaction to prevention is now a reality with LiveSafe. We all have a role to play in preventing acts of violence from happening. And now we all have a way to make a difference.

About Dan: Dan Verton is the Content Leader & Strategist at LiveSafe. He is also an award-winning journalist, former military intelligence officer, and author of Left of Boom: The Citizen’s Guide to Detecting and Preventing Terrorist Attacks.

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