February 18, 2015

We recently conducted some frequency analysis of the language used in communication shared between people and safety officials through LiveSafe technology.

We first removed all linkages between personal identifiable information (PII) and the actual conversations to see what patterns emerged when people used our campus safety app to communicate to safety officials. It is critically important to us to maintain anonymity as we cherish the trust placed in us by all LiveSafe users, both at the individual and institutional level.

We were excited to discover that “Thanks” and “Information” were the words most used during interactions. To us, there aren’t two other words more important. We see our mission to make the world a safer place being comprised of a fundamental tenant to break down barriers to communication between people and safety officials. We come to this lofty endeavor recognizing that relationships between “authorities” and “average citizens” are not always fully transparent and filled with trust.

That is why we were so excited to see our technology foster an environment in which these two words rise to the top. They represent communities expressing “thanks” for what each other is doing; one party primarily sharing information, and one party primarily being responsible for acting on that information. And, that both authorities and individuals perceive what they are doing as sharing “information” means most conversations move beyond simple interactions and pleasantries to something deeper and more relevant to the community.

We are so proud to be helping communities interact on safety and that in our small, but important way, we are making the world a safer place.

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