March 2, 2017

As college students across the country prepare to sit back, relax and have fun during spring break, it’s also time to take a moment to remember the importance of staying safe. If your school uses LiveSafe, even if you’re away from campus, there are still some great tools to help keep you stay safe during spring break.

Making your walk a SafeWalk

Whether you are planning on heading home late or have a friend you are worried about getting home safe, there are many great uses for LiveSafe’s SafeWalk feature, which can be used anywhere. If you’re out, you can easily ask one of your friends to keep a virtual eye on you as you walk home or to your car. Alternatively, you can also coordinate with friends to keep an eye on them. It’s as simple as starting a SafeWalk session within LiveSafe. Just open the app, start a SafeWalk session and invite your contacts to follow your progress to your designated final destination.

Know your surroundings

If you’re heading out to enjoy spring break in a new city, LiveSafe’s Safety Map offers useful features to help you identify important places. Opening Safety Map within the LiveSafe app unlocks a wealth of information in an emergency. It shows you where the closest police stations, fire stations and hospitals are located in proximity to your location. Spring break is a great time to unwind and have fun, but make sure you keep LiveSafe handy to help you when you need it most.

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