June 17, 2015

As the campus sexual assault discussion came to the forefront, LiveSafe dedicated its internal research efforts over the course of the 2014-2015 academic year to studying existing academic publications, interviewing experts, and conducting focus groups with students.

After compiling our findings, LiveSafe released a white paper on Reexamining strategies to address sexual assault on campus in which we present the framework we developed around addressing prevention, dealing with incidents in the moment, and coping and providing choices after events. We are using this framework to inform the evolution of LiveSafe’s technology and we hope that sharing these insights will benefit the wider campus community.

In addition to our findings, we have also included recommendations for colleges and universities to undertake in order to continue to improve how sexual assault is addressed and responded to on college campuses. These recommendations include making enhancements to strategies and programs already in place in some schools and suggestions for tools and policies to be implemented as part of a new standard of protocols and guidelines. We hope to elevate the discussion beyond recognizing the scope and significance of sexual assault to encourage educational institutions to take action in order to keep their students and broader campus community safe.

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