April 30, 2018


As the parent of a college student and the CEO of a technology company, I’m proud to be apart of an organization that delivers a tool that can help employees and students to know their power and to take back their personal safety.

Universities strive to make their communities engaged centers of learning and have led the way in discussing harassment and assault  and non-academic institutions are following suit. Whether it’s the It’s On Us campaign or Texas Legislation Bill 968, which mandates Texan institutions of higher education to implement electronic mechanisms giving enrolled students and employees a path to anonymous reporting of incidents involving harassment, institutions of higher education are taking significant steps to inform and empower students. Many institutions outside of academics, like the U.S. Navy Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program, have initiated dialogues around harassment and are driving cultural change and program adoption across their complex organizations to address these issues.

Whether you are apart of a university or an enterprise organization, deploying the LiveSafe Solution is evidence of a culture of accountability, a culture of empowerment. With your LiveSafe deployment, you’re systematically removing the barriers that members of your organization traditionally encounter in reporting sexual harassment. These kinds of barriers for students or employees experience are:

“I don’t know if this is the kind of thing I should report,”

“I don’t know whom to tell.”

“I want to shine the light on this, but I don’t want to get involved.”

Leveraging the technology of the LiveSafe solution gives individual members of an institution’s community the ability to anonymously report incidents. It gives every student or employee the ability to make their places of education or work safer for themselves and their community while containing risk for their institution.

This Sexual Assault Awareness Month, with LiveSafe, drive beyond zero tolerance for harassment and instead, drive to prevention. Communicate the values of accountability and integrity for your organization.

Your people are invaluable, and you’re giving them the tools to take control of their personal safety at work, on campus, and in the community. Equip your people within the LiveSafe app on Resources on how to report harassment or support lines to contact in the event of a harassing incident or assault.

Enable people to take charge of their personal safety using LiveSafe’s SafeWalk Feature. LiveSafe’s peer-to-peer tools allow constituents to request family and friends to virtually accompany them to their destination or to virtually accompany their friends to their intended location.

Myself and the entire LiveSafe team are proud to produce technology that helps organizations promote cultures of accountability and that strives to empower students and employees to take back their personal safety, makes it harder to be a harasser and drives to prevention.

Carolyn Parent, 
President & CEO, LiveSafe

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