October 5, 2016

Reston Town Center, an acclaimed outdoor venue featuring retail stores, restaurants, offices and apartments, has become an even safer community with the launch of LiveSafe.

Located in Reston, Virginia, Reston Town Center launched LiveSafe on Oct. 1 to add an additional layer of patron safety to help prevent incidents before they occur.

All Reston Town Center patrons will be able to send and receive critical real-time safety and security information. With the help of LiveSafe, guests will be able to engage directly with Reston Town Center safety and security professionals to prevent any emergent or non-emergent situations.

With the Town Center closing at 10 p.m., patrons will now have the option to request an escort service to their vehicle if they do not feel safe walking back by themselves.

As an outdoor venue, patrons will also benefit by receiving messages about severe weather warnings and how to react upon notification of the emergent circumstance.

Part of the importance of LiveSafe is making Reston Town Center more aware of everyday safety occurrences. Since even the smallest tips can help prevent future emergencies, patrons will also now be able to report quality of life tips such as parking complaints, light outages and clean up situations.

All help will occur in real time, with safety and security teams responding to every incident, whether it’s suspicious activity, a lost child or a health emergency.

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