March 15, 2018

The Re-Envision Security Summits series was launched by LiveSafe in partnership with FedEx Chairman Fred Smith, IAC Chairman Barry Diller, former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, and former Governor Tom Ridge, who was the first Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. These national security leaders and captains of industry came together to develop new ways of addressing the ever-increasing risks and threats that confront businesses and communities. From terrorist attacks to workplace violence, sexual harassment, cyber threats, malfeasance, workplace injury, and more — safety and security incidents result in human tragedy and cost businesses and the nation billions of dollars annually.

In partnership with Governor Ridge and Commissioner Kelly, LiveSafe hosted a series of five private Security Summit meetings in New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas. C-level risk and security management executives from Fortune 500 companies participated in the Summits at the invitation of Fred Smith, Barry Diller, Governor Tom Ridge and Commissioner Ray Kelly. They discussed the future of corporate security, and that of the nation. The Re-Envision Security Summit meetings were designed to surface a shared understanding of the new wave of threats, review LiveSafe’s technology, explore the linkage between threat reduction and liability risk, and collaborate to define a path forward for the business community. The executives explored ways to harness previously untapped safety and security intelligence in order to change the equation  and move from reacting to incidents to preventing them.

The take-away: aggregating community-sourced insights by empowering individuals with a digital capability is the key. By delivering technology that allows the human sensors that exist in every organization to light up with actionable security intelligence, organizations can push the envelope of innovation to the next generation of solutions. And these next-generation models are anchored around driving to prevention.

The business leaders that gathered across the nation for these Summits articulated the need for bespoke private security communities. Security executives and risk mitigation officers outlined the need to connect disparate channels of communication around safety and security. They wanted safe, secure infrastructures to share valuable and timely insights with one another.

Through the Re-Envision Security Summits, the concept of private security communities was forged.

“I can tell you after an event — either here or overseas — the reports from people in ‘See Something, Say Something’ go way up, then they drop off very quickly after, because look, they have other things to think about in their lives. That’s the benefit of this app; you have it with you all the time. I think it’s more likely than not if you see something suspicious — hey, I have this device I can send it anonymously, I can send the text, I can send the picture — you have that capacity much more so than having in your ‘See Something, Say Something’. I think it was good, I think it was helpful, useful at the time and still is, but this is now 21st century technology assisting in that and taking hold.”

-Ray Kelly, former NYPD Commissioner


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