September 25, 2018


Dan Verton, host of The Prevention Podcast, talks with Captain Tony Leonard, who leads crime prevention efforts at Georgia Tech University, and Gus Porter, the Environmental Health, Safety and Preparedness Manager at High Point University.

Although Georgia Tech and High Point differ significantly in terms of the size and scope of their campuses and student populations, they have one very important thing in common: Both have benefitted from a LiveSafe-enabled campus community that has remained engaged with law enforcement and has helped officials prevent mental health crises from turning into tragedies.

“I’m sure it’s true at other schools, particularly very tough schools like Georgia Tech, where we have a pretty high incidence of students who are not dealing with stress well,” said Leonard. “We’ve had several incidents where people have reported folks…that were having a mental health crisis. We’ve been able to use that information to intervene before those folks were able to harm themselves.”

Campus Engagement At-A-Glance

Georgia Tech: More than 12,000 students have downloaded the LiveSafe app (approximately 50 percent of student body). Received 90 tips during the month of August, as well as 156 SafeWalk requests and five 911 emergency calls through the app. Has documented 542 reports/tips during the past 12 months.

High Point: Receives about 12 tips per day through the LiveSafe app, including suspicious person reports and tips about students experiencing critical mental health crises.

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Powering Prevention

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About Dan: Dan Verton is a Homeland Security Subject Matter Expert & Content Writer at LiveSafe. He is also an award-winning journalist, former military intelligence officer, and author of Left of Boom: The Citizen’s Guide to Detecting and Preventing Terrorist Attacks.

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