September 18, 2018


In this episode of The Prevention Podcast, host Dan Verton talks with Sigma Threat Management Associates Managing Partner Dr. Gene Deisinger about the advantages of having a threat management process in place and the proper functioning of a threat management team.

We discuss what goes into an effective threat assessment and the important role of an engaged workforce and community in preventing targeted acts of violence.

Dr. Gene Deisinger At-A-Glance

Gene Deisinger, Ph.D. is a Managing Partner of SIGMA and also serves as the Threat Management Consultant for the Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety He is a licensed psychologist, certified health service provider in psychology, and a certified law enforcement officer. Dr. Deisinger developed the threat management program and served as the primary threat manager for Iowa State University from the team’s inception in 1994 until 2009 when he was recruited to Virginia Tech as Deputy Chief of Police & Director of Threat Management Services, a position he held until his retirement in November, 2014. Dr. Deisinger is lead author of The Handbook for Campus Threat Assessment & Management Teams and has served as a subject matter expert for several professional and governmental initiatives related to enhancing safety in a broad range of organizations. 

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About Dan: Dan Verton is a Homeland Security Subject Matter Expert & Content Writer at LiveSafe. He is also an award-winning journalist, former military intelligence officer, and author of Left of Boom: The Citizen’s Guide to Detecting and Preventing Terrorist Attacks.

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