September 28, 2016

When most executives think of preventing workplace incidents, the first thing that comes to mind is identifying and stopping a violent situation.

LiveSafe is a great tool for security officials to gather intelligence about violent incidents, but its implications go beyond that. Facilities issues can also be a pain point for security officials looking to prevent incidents.

When it comes to facilities issues, employees may see a problem but will they take the time to report it?

Imagine an employee notices a spilled beverage on a tile floor in a hallway, which is clearly a hazard. Employees without LiveSafe may be content to just walk past and do nothing. For those with the LiveSafe app in their pocket, they feel empowered to do something about the problem.

The employee can take out their phone, snap a picture of the spill, send a short text to security officials and have the feeling of being a part of something bigger.

Everyone wins in this scenario. The facilities team gets a quick heads-up to clean up the spill, the security team has been given notice to prevent an incident before it happens and the employee has provided valuable crowdsourced data.

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