January 5, 2017

Keeping employees safe and preventing incidents before they occur are important initiatives for many corporations, but what about protecting the intellectual data stored on computer systems?

A recent IBM X-Force Research story found in 2015 that 60 percent of cyber breaches were attributed to insiders and of those breaches, 44.5 percent were malicious attacks.

Detecting these incidents before they occur presents challenges, so most companies are resigned to reacting to them rather than being proactive.

The reality is every company has a wealth of information at their fingertips to be able to prevent these incidents before they occur. By capitalizing on the people who make your company great, you can identify potential warning signs in advance.

LiveSafe allows every employee the ease and simplicity of reporting suspicious activity via their smartphone. Tips can be sent anonymously if requested and can include valuable data, such as text, photos, video and audio.

By integrating this type of employee empowerment into your company, you put an easy-to-use reporting system in place that employees are comfortable using.

To learn more about insider threats, download our latest white paper on the subject.

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