February 22, 2017

During a crisis, organizations need to be sure that they can reach all their employees. With LiveSafe organizations will feel more confident than ever.

LiveSafe integrates with numerous human resource management system (HRMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and IT directory systems to sync employee or student directories. This keeps your LiveSafe user information updated and ready whenever you need it.

Requiring an email address or mobile phone number extends LiveSafe’s reach to users who have not yet downloaded the app. The platform can send critical messages directly via email or text message.

When users do download the LiveSafe app or you push it to their mobile devices automatically via a mobile device management system, the pre-populated data from your directory sync makes user on-boarding faster and easier. Your LiveSafe administrators can see all the users in the dashboard.

Worried about what will happen when an employee leaves or a student graduates? Not a problem. LiveSafe automatically removes user when your system of record updates and blocks them from access to your organizations LiveSafe platform.

Interested in learning more about how LiveSafe’s integrations make managing user profiles easier than ever? Request a demo and download the LiveSafe SCIM Integration data sheet today.

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