July 26, 2018


With the mercury and travel numbers on the rise, 68% of Americans are expected to travel across the US and abroad before the end of the season. Whether you’re headed out for a weekend getaway or an extended sojourn this summer, here are a few tips to stay safe on your travels.

Know Before You Go

Headed abroad for your trip? Be sure to check with the State Department for any travel advisories – especially if you are headed to a high-risk area. You can enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive important safety information while overseas.

Report Suspicious Behavior

Jetsetters find themselves in locations like airports and mass transit systems en route to their destinations and at public venues and crowded spaces while sightseeing. Potential attackers target these areas, known as soft targets, due to the large number of people that meet in these spaces and permeable access points which allow them to use conventional and non-conventional methods to harm others. If something doesn’t look right while you are in soft target areas, or you see suspicious activity, report it to local authorities.

Increase Hotel Room Security

A recent survey found 3 out of 10 travelers are willing to trade off safer hotel locations in favor of earning a better deal on accommodations. Experts recommend the following measures to improve the security of your hotel room: 1) Keep your door locked at all times 2) Use the “Do Not Disturb Sign” on your hotel room door at all times 3) Book your room on a higher floor, the third to sixth floor of a hotel is optimal, to reduce the chance of a break-in.

How LiveSafe Can Keep You Safe on the Road

Safety Map

Being on the road or in an unfamiliar area can make it difficult to know where to go in case of an emergency. The LiveSafe app helps solve that problem by giving users access to a safety map that shows users in real time the location of nearby police stations, hospitals and fire stations.

SafeWalk Feature

The SafeWalk feature of the LiveSafe app is especially valuable for travelers. Users can easily activate a SafeWalk session so they can be virtually escorted from point-to- point either by a family member or a friend. If the user doesn’t arrive at the intended destination by the estimated time of arrival, hands-free smart alerts are sent to both parties.
Alerts are also sent when the user has arrived and if the user has summoned for help. Both the walker and the virtual companion(s) have a panic button in case of emergency, and can chat with one another while the SafeWalk feature is in use. Once the SafeWalk feature is concluded, location sharing ends.

SafeWalk Feature in Drive Mode

Road trip or rideshare, take LiveSafe along for the drive. LiveSafe’s SafeWalk feature in Drive Mode adjusts your approximate arrival time so your virtual companions know when you get to your destination safely.

About Jordan: Jordan Cline is a Marketing Content Writer at LiveSafe, a podcast contributor and is passionate about leveraging mobile technology to improve the lives of others and make the world a safer place.

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