July 13, 2018


Top Campus Public Safety Officials recognized for excellence at the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators in Orlando, FL

LiveSafe recognized the exceptional achievements of four universities at the 60th International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) conference, which drew 500 of the top campus safety officials to Orlando, Florida. The campus safety leaders recognized hail from Central Connecticut State University, Georgetown University, the University of Southern California, and Morehead State University. Each was selected from a very distinguished group of finalists for each award. Finalists included Gannon University, Savannah State University, University of Kentucky, Virginia Commonwealth University, Claremont Colleges, Duke University, Ole Miss, and Arizona State University.

LiveSafe congratulates the award winners, and all of the finalists. These distinguished campus safety officials are setting new standards of excellence in protecting their constituencies and driving to the prevention of costly incidents on their campuses.

The LiveSafe team always looks forward to engaging with our clients at the annual IACLEA conference. This year in Orlando, we hosted our annual awards ceremony where we were honored to recognize and thank them for the phenomenal work they do each and every day to keep their campuses and communities safe.

There was a plethora of stories that came in from LiveSafe clients this year on how they used the LiveSafe Solution to solve the challenges on their campuses in creative and engaging ways. Highlights include:

The LiveSafe Rookie of the Year
This award goes to our clients who have recently joined the LiveSafe family who demonstrate an outstanding use of the platform in a short period of time and show great promise in future use of the LiveSafe Solution. The finalists for the Rookie of the Year Award were Gannon University, Savannah State University and Central Connecticut State University. The winner: Central Connecticut State University. Within 30 days of deploying the LiveSafe Solution, they used the platform to assist a student who was inflicting self-harm and ideating suicide. Once Central Connecticut State University Police received the tip from a community member through the dashboard, they sent officers to meet the student and confirmed the injuries and ideations of suicide. They were not only able to provide medical assistance for the student but they ensured the student had access to long-term care after the immediate incident.

The LiveSafe Powering Prevention Award 
Our Powering Prevention Award goes to our clients that used LiveSafe to communicate information to students to take preventive and precautionary measures while out in the community. University of Kentucky, Virginia Commonwealth University and Georgetown University were finalists for the award. Georgetown University won the Powering Prevention Award for using LiveSafe to further prevent laptop thefts at the campus library. Noticing an increase of thefts, Georgetown University Chief of Police Jay Gruber used time-based geofenced messages to target a specific audience over a period of time in a particular location. Whenever students entered the library, they received a notification of the thefts along with the reminder for students to keep their belongings on them while in public spaces on campus.

The LiveSafe Excellence in Engagement Award 
The award for Excellence in Engagement goes to our clients who apply unique approaches to engage students on safety issues and encourage them to download the LiveSafe app. Claremont Colleges, Duke University, and the University of Southern California were finalists for the award. The University of Southern California took home the award for incorporating LiveSafe into multiple touch points of its communications to students through Orientation, consistent education of using the LiveSafe app and regular communications via social media. As a result of their proactive efforts to engage students, over 23,000 students downloaded the LiveSafe app.

The LiveSafe Excellence in Innovation Award 
The award for Excellence in Innovation goes to clients who use LiveSafe in unique ways to optimize safety on their campuses. Ole Miss, Arizona State University and Morehead State University were finalists. For the final award, Morehead State University took the honor for leveraging the LiveSafe app to locate two lost hikers on a trail in a nearby National Forest. Using LiveSafe, Morehead State University Police were able to locate the hikers within seconds, ensure their well-being via two-way chat and provided directions for the hikers to meet an officer on the trail waiting for them. The LiveSafe Solution enabled Morehead State Police to spare the use of precious local resources and countless hours to make sure the hikers returned to the trail safely.

Other exciting highlights of the conference included Governor Tom Ridge — the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security — who joined our President & CEO, Carolyn Parent, to discuss his extensive career in public service, managing risk, and the importance of using technology to prevent incidents to make our colleges and universities safer. During the session Governor Ridge challenged each of us to be innovators: “You have a unique opportunity to stop coloring inside the lines and take the lead on leveraging prevention to make our campuses safer. The students you protect today will be the next generation workforce and citizens of tomorrow – we need to get them engaged now to become part of the Prevention equation.”

Powering Prevention on Your Campus

A common theme that came up frequently in conversation at IACLEA, in sessions and at events, was the need for an innovative way to get ahead of incidents and to empower community members to contribute to the safety and well-being of the entire campus. There is a real need for campus community members to have tools to power their own personal safety, receive timely assistance in everyday circumstances, and access safety and security resources at their fingertips.

The need to communicate risks to people on campus and receive intelligence from community members exists on a daily basis and for special events like game day or commencement. Campus Safety officials contend with a wide range of risks on a daily basis – harassment, assaults, suicide, protests, crowd control at big events, hazing and facilities issues to name a few.

Innovating with LiveSafe

LiveSafe is proud to partner with 150+ colleges and universities who are leading the way to creating more pathways of reporting between safety officials and community members, fostering a culture of accountability and empowerment, and striving to keep campus communities safe. We are excited to see the great use cases of the LiveSafe Solution at next year’s IACLEA and to continue to power prevention on college and university campuses with our partners.

About Anne: Anne is the National Director of Higher Education Solutions at LiveSafe. Her role encompasses the Sales, Marketing and Product needs that are unique to LiveSafe’s Higher Education clients. She and her team work with colleges and universities all over the country to support critical security and safety efforts, primarily focused around the prevention of incidents.

About IACLEA: The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) was founded in 1958 on Arizona State University’s campus as a way to bring campus security administrators to share common challenges and share best practices. IACLEA offers training in law enforcement and protective services accreditations, government relations and communications and publications. Over 4,000 members in 15 different countries belong to IACLEA.

About LiveSafe’s History: Prevention is in our DNA. Born from the Spirit of Triumph over tragedy our Co-founders include Shy Pahlevani, a victim of a violent robbery, and Kristina Anderson, the most injured survivor of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting. They set out to empower personal safety for every member of a campus or corporate community. Learn more about us here.

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