May 14, 2019


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 79 percent of all workplace homicides are the result of a shooting.

Despite this alarming rate of active shooter incidents, a recent Harris Poll found that more than one-third of working Americans are not confident that they know what to do in the event of an active shooter incident at their workplace.

Although the market for active shooter training continues to become more crowded, the reality is that some companies are finding out the hard way that not all active shooter training programs are equal.

On this episode of The Prevention Podcast, we explore the elements of an effective active shooter training program, the importance of understanding where this type of training fits in the larger context of OSHA compliance, and how technology for reporting early warning indicators of violence is a critical missing link to the current generation of active shooter training courses.

Guest: Dave Bull, Critical Protection Specialist with the Kenjya-Trusant Group, and an Adjunct Instructor with the Federal Executive Institute.

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About Dan: Dan Verton is the Content Leader & Strategist at LiveSafe. He is also an award-winning journalist, former military intelligence officer, and author of Left of Boom: The Citizen’s Guide to Detecting and Preventing Terrorist Attacks.

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