October 12, 2016

Preventing incidents before they happen is critical for Global Material Technologies (GMT), a LiveSafe client that specializes in the manufacturing, processing and finishing of metal wools and fibers.

GMT works with machinery that cuts and shaves metals. While it seems harmless, any kind of dust – whether it’s corn or aluminum dust – can create a potentially dangerous work environment. When dust is under pressure and exposed to oxygen, it has a high chance of exploding. With the machines constantly around dust, there is always a risk of explosion. Recently, one such explosion happened at GMT during off hours and GMT used LiveSafe to notify employees immediately that the plant was closed.

In this dangerous environment, safety is of utmost importance. GMT puts a high priority on keeping its staff safe and maintaining an environment where people can work comfortably. With LiveSafe, companies such as GMT, are able to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to safety.

“Before we had LiveSafe, a person would be walking the plant, see something unsafe, somebody left something in the middle of the aisle and just walk on,” said Ed Jones, VP of Information Technologies at GMT.

LiveSafe makes it easy for employees to address problematic situations by simply sending a photo, video or text about the issue. Instantly, the supervisor is made aware of the situation and is able to deal with it.

“We are seeing more information about safety concerns and it allows us to address the problem proactively rather than after something happens,” Jones said.

No matter the work environment, safety should always be a top priority. LiveSafe’s next generation features allow for crowdsourced intelligence gathering to make sure safety is never forgotten.

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