January 25, 2017

The reality of our world today is people are more concerned about their personal safety more than ever. Companies are taking increased actions to protect their people, places and assets. Recently, LiveSafe released to the market a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows developers to embed LiveSafe into their apps.

VenueNext has chosen to embed LiveSafe in their venue app, enhancing safety and security for their customers. Levi’s Stadium was the first to take advantage of this technology and immediately experienced an increased number of tips. They also received better quality tips compared to the old texting approach, thereby addressing incidents before they escalated.

By using LiveSafe’s SDK, organizations can quickly deputize their people to keep the organization safe. As the duty of care continues to rise, executives are asking their organizations to improve their safety and security procedures. LiveSafe functionality empowers organizations to prevent incidents before the occur and improves the overall security and safety of the organization.

Embedding LiveSafe allows users to submit video, photo, audio and text tips directly to security officials. Tips can be sent with precise location information utilizing GPS to allow for quick action. Tips flow to the dashboard monitored by security. With this information security officials can take action quickly to prevent incidents before they occur.

To learn more about SDK and how it can work for your organization, click here.

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