November 16, 2016

More than 100 colleges and universities across the country use LiveSafe to help keep their campuses safe, and while a majority of those who use LiveSafe are students, there’s a broader story to be told.

For example, Duke University has about 15,000 students but also has about 2,500 academic staff and 8,000 administrative staff, making it essentially as big as a large corporation in terms of employee size.

Having a safety and prevention tool like LiveSafe in the pockets of that many students, faculty and staff on campus makes an impact on people’s lives.

For example, three Duke employees recently used LiveSafe to report a suspicious person on campus. After police quickly responded to the tips, the suspect, who had been previous arrested on campus on theft charges, was taken into custody.

“LiveSafe is a great tool because it enables the broader community to be the eyes and ears for our campus and identify and report potential safety concerns,” said John Dailey, chief of Duke Police. “Duke is safer when we all work together.”

Users of LiveSafe can easily submit video, photos, text or audio tips to security officials. It also allows for easy two-way communication to relay information.

“I submitted what direction he went in and what he was wearing and within a few minutes, police said people were on the way,” said one of the employees who used the app to notify police. “Everybody has their cellphone with them, so LiveSafe is a good tool because all you have to do is pull up the app. It was a good feeling and very reassuring how quickly Duke Police responded.”

The tips submitted by the employees through the LiveSafe app were immediately sent to the LiveSafe command dashboard used by campus security, allowing for quick response and preventing any further incidents.

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