February 9, 2017

Preventing incidents before they occur is a critical mission for Chief Security Officers across every industry, and the most important commodity in that mission is information. Relying on an employee to tell a manager about a potential issue and the manager to then alert security teams slows down the process and creates a “telephone game” situation. Other methods of CSOs receiving information include via email or hotline phone numbers, both of which can dissuade employees from easily relaying information. So how do we capitalize on the fact that employees want to have a say in their safety and security but want to do it easily and sometimes anonymously?

The LiveSafe platform creates an environment of safety and security through crowdsourced intelligence gathering using a method that is comfortable for employees. Employees simply download the LiveSafe app, connect to their organization and from there can easily submit valuable tips and information to security officials with just the tap of a button. Tips can include text, audio, video and images with embedded location information and can also allow for two-way communication between the employee and security teams. Using their smartphone to communicate with security teams just like they communicate with their regular friends or family is a game-changing way of gathering crowdsourced intelligence.

To learn more, download our free white paper titled Duty of Care: Have Smartphones and Collaboration Redefined the Standard.

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