October 26, 2016

With more than 10,000 lives under its watch, Texas Southern has taken the proactive step of incorporating LiveSafe as a valuable layer of safety and security for its students, faculty and staff.

More than 120 colleges and universities across the country use LiveSafe to help prevent incidents before they occur, and Texas Southern has broken ground as the first university in the state of Texas to implement the LiveSafe mobile safety communications platform.

Using valuable two-way communication, campus police are able to receive tips in a quick, convenient way for both officers and those on campus.

“We chose to partner with LiveSafe because we are building a comprehensive approach for our campus community to receive timely and vital information,” said Remon Green, TSU’s Chief of Police and Executive Director of Public Safety. “Since launching LiveSafe, we’ve received enthusiastic reviews from our campus community because of features the platform offers.”

LiveSafe allows users to send text, photos, videos and precise location information to report incidents ranging from routine maintenance needs, suspicious activity and safety threats.

A major campus safety issue is also addressed by LiveSafe – users can report sexual harassment or sexual assault incidents directly to Title IX administrators.

With sexual harassment, assault and rape on the rise on campuses across the United States, it has become critical for Title IX administrators to have additional resources for victims to report incidents.

LiveSafe offers the ability to route both tips and reports to a select campus department such as a Title IX in a variety of ways, including:

  • Different tip types can be created for different campus departments. Under “Report Tips,” LiveSafe can configure a “Title IX” tip type and route any tips that come in through those buttons to the appropriate office.
  • Special tip types can be created and accessed from the left menu or top logo of the application. The names and routing protocols of these tip types can be customized.

For a list of colleges and universities across the country using LiveSafe, click here.

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