January 22, 2018


As LiveSafe continues to grow, we are deliberate about where the business will double down — my team is one of those areas of focus. We are singularly driven to unlock the full potential of the LiveSafe platform for our clients. Our disciplines include:

1. Engaging in a consultative partnership that is rooted in a holistic understanding of our clients’ unique business priorities and safety concerns

2. Applying rigorous data-driven methodologies that utilize our proprietary tools and algorithms to continuously assess, tune, and optimize the performance of our clients’ LiveSafe deployments

3. Delivering a regular cadence of resources to fully support our clients in extracting maximum value out of their LiveSafe deployments

To signal our continued commitment to our clients’ success, and reflect the value that flows with it, I am pleased to announce the new name of my organization: the LiveSafe Global Implementation Services Team (GIST).

We are proud to count among our clients world-renowned universities, Fortune 500 media, financial services, and technology companies, commercial real estate powerhouses, malls, hospitals, stadiums, arenas, professional sports teams/leagues, and more. We’re committed to working every day to ensure their success with the LiveSafe platform.

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